About Justin

Name: Justin
Role: Editor-in-Chief, Revolver Guy-at-Large
Favorite Revolver: Smith & Wesson 686 (4″, 6-shot, pre-lock)

I’m Justin and I am a “Revolver Guy”. I am a man who loves wheelguns, pure and simple. For over a dozen years I was trained on and carried semi-automatic handguns on duty, including the Beretta M9, 1911A1, and the Glock 17/19. Since I no longer make my living with a gun I can pursue what interests me. One of those major interests is, and always has been, revolvers. I have owned some form of Smith & Wesson revolver for the last 15 years, but only recently did I start to give them the attention they deserved.  I have also written for GUNS Magazine, American Handgunner, and am currently a contributor on the Lucky Gunner Lounge, but RevolverGuy.com is where my passion is.

I started this blog because there weren’t very many rich sources of information for revolver shooters out there. There was (and still is) some excellent information on Dr. Sherman House’s RevolverScience.com (now CivilianDefender.com) and Grant Cunningham’s blog and books have always been excellent sources of data. But there didn’t seem to be much momentum in the community focused solely around serving the interest of revolver fans. This quickly grew into much more than I ever expected. In addition to me, I’m proud to have Steve and Mike (who both doubtlessly know far more about this stuff than I do) writing here, too. I hope you enjoy it!