Privacy Policy

Here at we respect our readership and TAKE YOUR PRIVACY SERIOUSLY! We refuse to sell out our readers to Google or Facebook in exchange for free publicity (aka: “advertising welfare”) and we have no problem letting you know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. If you have questions, feel free to ask – none of us are experts but we will do our very best to answer your question satisfactorily. These are the things that impact your privacy that you should know about:

AFFILIATES: has some affiliate relationships. This means when you click on some of our links, the site you go to knows that we referred you. In exchange for referring you, we get a very small percentage as a referral fee. This helps us fund this site (which does cost money to operate, after all) and is, in our opinion, minimally invasive. The companies with whom we have an affiliate relationship currently are listed below. If this changes, (i.e. we add or remove affiliates) or we get advertisers we will update this page and let you know.

  • Lucky Gunner
  • Private Internet Access

ANALYTICS: Most websites (including the vast majority of firearms industry sites) use Google Analytics or something similar to track visitors. There is a legitimate reason behind this – it lets the site’s operator see how many people are coming to the site, where they came from, and which articles they like. Unfortunately, it also gives this information and a heck of a lot more to Google. All of this information is added to all your other browsing data, the calendar appointments, your scraped emails, the location data from your Android phone (or Waze or Google Maps), your voice conversations with “OK Google”, anything you’ve EVER done while logged into a Gmail account, et cetera. Needless to say, this creates a pretty comprehensive picture of you and we don’t like it.

Currently we use Piwik Analytics. Piwik is a privacy-respecting analytics option that gives us a number of benefits over Google Analytics. It allows us to select what data is collected and what is not (i.e. we choose not to collect your IP address and certain other data). Also, we own and control the data, and get to choose what is done with it. I guarantee you that your data won’t be sold, shared, traded, or otherwise disseminated, and this will never change. I would prefer to continue running no analytics at all, but an inability to demonstrate’s popularity makes it harder for us to get those sweet, sweet T&E guns that you guys want to read about.

SOCIAL MEDIA: You might have noticed that we don’t have Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any of the other accoutrements of a modern-day blog. Again, we refuse to participate in a system that doesn’t respect our user’s privacy, and doesn’t have their best interests in mind. We also refuse to help Facebook enrich itself on the backs of our audience. The concept of collecting the interests of every individual (including their firearms interests and ownership) is antithetical to our views on privacy, the First and Second Amendments, and the concept of a national firearms registry. has never had social media, and never will.

HTTPS Connection: Your connection to is always encrypted. This. means your activity on this site is protected from your computer, all the way to the site. This protects your traffic from the prying eyes of your internet service provider, cellular provider, the public network you might happen to be on, etc. Your connection is encrypted at all times, on every page here. This isn’t something we are required to do, but we always will.

Be advised: HTTPS doesn’t prevent them from seeing that you are visiting, but it protects them from seeing what you are doing here. If you would like a stronger level of protection that does prevent them from seeing the sites you visit, please consider using a VPN like Private Internet Access [affiliate link].