The Knottso Ultimate Carry Revolver

Hot on the heels of one of SHOT Show 2024’s most popular introductions, the Knottso Ultimate Carry (KUC) from Knottso Fine Arms seeks to provide consumers with a unique alternative for self defense.

“We saw what all the other guys were doing in the snub revolver market” said company president Steve Knottso, “and it was impressive.”

“They’ve made the classic snub ten-times better, with thoughtful changes that improved the shooter’s ability to make accurate hits under pressure,” said Knottso.


Inspired by their example, Knottso’s goal with the KUC was similar, yet different. Instead of building on a classic, proven design, the Knottso team started with a clean sheet of paper for their self defense powerhouse. “We didn’t want to be restricted by the limits of practicality and mechanical efficiency, so we encouraged our team to dream big,” said Knottso.

Exactly how big, you might ask?

“Knottso much,” said Knottso.


While the KUC is a revolver, it incorporates design philosophies from the most modern semiautomatic pistols. “A careful study of social media ‘influencer’ channels indicates that precision fire is not the way to go in 2024,” said Knottso. “Instead, our engineers discovered these experts were nearly unanimous in their endorsement of volume over accuracy, and style over function.”

It was this understanding which heavily influenced the design of the KUC. A priority was placed on capacity and the ability to send lots of lead downrange quickly. This drove unique design requirements, such as the twin, over-under barrels of the KUC, and its patented, “capacious repeating annular positioning” (CRAP) cylinder, which presents two rings of chambers to the pair of stacked barrels with each trigger jerk.

A trained shooter can send 21 rounds of CRAP ammo downrange as quickly as the hammer and folding trigger can be worked.1 Several writers at The Rumors About Guns (The RAG) remarked that the single action mechanism was fun to work, and made them feel like their favorite western movie heroes. “It’s like I’m Duke Eastwood, or Alec Baldwin, or something,” said one of the skinny-jeaned hipsters with a bushy beard and a Stacatto hat.


The Knottso Fine Arms (KFA) design team took note of the high-visibility sights featured on the best of the modern snubs, and went a different direction on the KUC. They felt that high-profile sights could possibly catch on the Blackhawk SERPA and Uncle Mikes Sidekick holsters preferred by Tik Tok viewers, so they went with a small bead up front. “It’s just like the high-visibility sights used by our competitors,”said Knottso, “except you can’t see it.”

Not that sights are important, anyhow. “When you’re laying down suppressive fire, you don’t have time to get a sight picture,” explained KFA’s lead engineer, whose extensive resume includes projects at several other industry companies, like the Remington R51 and Hi Point’s experimental subcompact in .45-70.

Looking Ahead

The KFA team tells RevolverGuy that the KUC was designed with growth potential in mind. While the launch version of the KUC is a basic model, future editions will feature such necessities as a miniature red dot sight, a light rail, and (for the Generation Z shooters) a mounting point for a reverse-facing, Go Pro camera.

A modular version is also planned for later in the year, which will allow Sig P320 owners to install their Sig trigger chassis into the KUC. In preparation for the launch, Sig Sauer attorneys have already prepared a statement for release, which insists the holster is responsible for all the uncommanded discharges.



1.) The folding trigger was the brainchild of a young “influencer” who felt it would make the three-pound, six-inch-barreled, full-gripped piece of steel and wood more suitable for concealed carry. “Plus, it makes this, like, whiplash sound when you deploy it, which looks cool on selfie videos!”

2.) More historically-minded readers may recognize the firearm in the lead image as a Lefaucheux-style revolver. From A.B Zhuk’s, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns:

. . . The chambers of this gun are arranged in two concentric rings . . . there are fourteen chambers in the outer rank and only seven inside them. The extraordinary firing mechanism rotates the cylinder through a fourteenth of a turn to fire a cartridge from the outer group. It then rotates through one twenty-eigth of a turn and fires a cartridge from the inner ring; then turns through another twenty-eigth and fires the second outer round. The next movement of a fourteenth of a turn revolved the first (outer) chamber in the next group of three under the hammer.

Drawing 212 shows a version of the revolver with a folding bayonet (!) while Drawing 213 shows a front-profile of the barrel, cylinder and yoke arrangement. Image from The Illustrated Encylcopedia of Handguns, by A.B. Zhuk.
Drawing 214 shows the right profile of the same revolver. Image from The Illustrated Encylcopedia of Handguns, by A.B. Zhuk.


1.) Featured image from Morphy Auctions

2.) Endnote 2.) images and text from:  Zhuk, A.B., The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns, Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal Limited, London, 1995, Page 40.;

3.)  Creative inspiration from RevolverGuy Steve Tracy, but don’t blame him for the twisted humor, which is all Mike’s–100% Boomer, that guy.


Author: Mike

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Mike Wood is a bonafide revolver nut, a certified law enforcement instructor in handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, less-lethal, and diversionary device disciplines, and the author of Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis, the definitive study of the infamous, 1970 California Highway Patrol shootout in Newhall, California. Mike wrote the "Tactical Analysis" column at for 8 years, and enjoys teaching both armed citizens and law enforcement officers.

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  1. The “whiplash sound when you deploy it!!!!!!!”

    I am honored to have put forth a wee bit of inspiration toward this masterpiece Mike. I only wish that the KUC’s barrels were side by side, similar to the Arsenal 1911 double. I just prefer side by sides. Over and under…well…knottso much.

    1. Hahaha! Well played, Steve!

      Anyone who enjoyed this bit owes Steve and our buddy Warren for keeping me on task. I might have missed this year, if they hadn’t reminded me and supplied some inspiration!

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    That tops Ruger’s new concealed hammer single action only revolvers, or even S&W’s new Belt Fed L-Frame Model 68888888888888-2.0

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  3. This sorta reminded me of the (real) .22 revolver that fires two rounds at a time through two SXS barrels, and whose name mercifully escapes me. Maybe you could do an in-depth story on it like you did for the Smith UC guns.
    Or not.

  4. “Capacious repeating annular positioning” cylinder? Hah!!! I’ll be in the new keyboard line with S. Bond. I’m telling my wife you’re the reason we can’t have nice things! Good one, Mike.

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