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Attention RevolverGuys! Mike will be teaching a one-day, Defensive Revolver class in Northern California, at the end of October, under the LMS Defense banner.

If you’re interested in attending, please check out the course description here. It would be neat to have some readers in the class!

Author: Mike

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Mike Wood is a bonafide revolver nut, a certified law enforcement instructor in handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, less-lethal, and diversionary device disciplines, and the author of Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis, the definitive study of the infamous, 1970 California Highway Patrol shootout in Newhall, California. Mike wrote the "Tactical Analysis" column at for 8 years, and enjoys teaching both armed citizens and law enforcement officers.

28 thoughts on “Train With RevolverGuy!”

  1. Seems like fine way to spend a day. Alas, I haven’t lived in California for many years. Looking forward to an after action report.

  2. Very cool that you’re doing this, Mike. I hope you fill the class! That’s a very reasonable price for the quality of the training day I know you will provide. Revolver guys that live close: go spend a good day with Mike!

  3. Always glad to see more revolver training happening, and especially closer to my part of the country. Have you guys considered becoming involved in the “Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up” annual event @ Gunsite?

  4. That looks like a great class, unfortunately it’s 2,840 miles away from me here in Lower Slower Delaware. And, on Friday the 13th in October I’m signed up for Greg Ellifritz’s Snubby Revolver for Concealed Carry somewhere down in North Carolina, but it’s only 435 miles from me.

    I too look forward to reading the AAR and, hopefully, a subsequent class somewhere closer to Lower Slower Delaware. Good luck with it.

  5. I’d love to attend, especially being relatively close in Vegas, but I’m all booked up for the year! I’ll keep an eye out for you at Revolver Roundup, and my ear to the ground for when/if you do another one of these next year.

    1. I’d like that too, Bart. Maybe someday we can make it happen. You’ve got some of the best revolver instructors on God’s green Earth operating in your area already, though—-Wayne Dobbs and Darryl Bolke, of Hardwired Tactical Shooting

  6. Hey Mike, I appreciate the opportunity to attend the class as a reader over the past few years. I’m driving up from Arizona and am looking forward to it.

    Is there a definitive location for the class? I’m looking to book a hotel soon

  7. Looks like I get to meet some of you at the Revolver Roundup in November! Looking forward to it. I was at Gunsite last year for the first time for their 260 shotgun (which was excellent). While I’ve done some pistol and rifle training, I’ve never had revolver instruction. If you have any pearls of wisdom to drop to get the most of out of this event I’d love to hear it.

  8. Your article spurred me to seek Revolver training classes in my local area (South Central Texas) and I came across your piece detailing other training opportunities – got all excited until I realized that piece was from 2018…. :-(.

    1. Sorry for the head fake, Paul. The good news is most of those trainers are all still in the game. Check out their current calendars. Grant isn’t teaching classes right now, that I’m aware of, but the rest are still active. Hardwired Tactical shut down their website, but are still on social media with class announcements.

  9. This was an excellent class! I wasn’t surprised by the Mindset > Tactics > Skills > Equipment pyramid talk during the intro section, but I was surprised and delighted about how well that was integrated into the overall class structure. An aspect of mindset was discussed, then tactics coming from that, then the skills needed to execute that – this is where the drills came in.

    The approach to drills was structured like the very best martial arts classes I’ve ever had – the pressure and complexity kept increasing, but not so fast that you just fell apart and failed, but enough to push you, and reveal where you will need to work some more.

    Looking at the ammo I brought home, I believe we fired 130 rounds, but including all the dry fire in there, I probably had around 500 trigger presses or so. There was no point where it felt like we were just running up the round count – every round fired was a learning opportunity. While I know there are classes out there with several times that round count, I don’t believe that any increase would have added much – the way dry firing was integrated into the class made me realize that dry firing isn’t only a placeholder for when you can’t shoot live ammo, but is actually a training tool that can teach you things that are harder to learn with live ammo.

    The safety lecture was well-done, and again, the approach to safety throughout the class was disciplined and well-thought out. In fact, “disciplined and well-thought out” might be a good summary of the whole class. Mike as a trainer is exactly what you would expect from Mike as a writer – detailed, focused, relaxed, good humored, but with no filler or sense that he’s just making it up or coasting.

    My fellow students and Josh from LMS Defense (as the assistant to Mike) were also great. I was pretty clearly the least-skilled attendee there, which would be a bummer if this was a competition, but was great as a student – I probably got to learn more than anyone else. Thinking about it today, and going over my notes, I will be completely revamping my daily dry fire practice, and my next few (or many) range sessions. I have a lot to work on from this class!

    TLDR; go take a revolver class from Mike if you get the chance. Highly recommended.

    1. Tyson, I’m humbled by your generous description of the class, and very happy that I was able to make it worth the long drive for you. Thank you Sir! I look forward to training with you again! Be safe, my friend.

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