A 2023 RevolverGuy Christmas Wish List

I wasn’t going to write this one, but you guys are sneaky and persistent.  ; ^ )

I thought the Wish List idea was growing stale, because I kept asking for the same things (and not getting them–did I slip back onto the Naughty List again?), but you guys apparently disagreed, because I kept finding wish lists hidden in the comments to other articles. When I mentioned that I wasn’t going to do the Wish List this year, I started seeing even more of them crop up.

Like I said, sneaky and persistent.

So, to appease all you revolving rebels, I present the official 2023 RevolverGuy Christmas Wish List.

Mike’s List

This will look awfully familiar to those who’ve seen my past lists, but if Santa could grant one or more of these, I’d be grateful:

    • Get rid of the lock. Let Heat Miser melt them all. Alternatively, build more no-lock SKUs, and let nature take its course;
    • A factory-produced snub J-frame (or LCR) with good sights. I’m thinking of an all-black (no dots!), Novak-style rear, with a deep and wide notch, paired with a blocky, bright orange post up front. Regulate it for a reasonable load, at a reasonable distance . . . say, 130-135 grain 38 Special loads at 15 yards. If Santa can get reindeer to fly, he can certainly pull this one off–it’s not sleigh science!
    • Bring them back: The original (.38 Special frame, 1-7/8″ barrel) Model 640 Centennial (and don’t forget the Craig Spegel-designed, Uncle Mike’s grips, please); The Airweight K-frame (rated for +P this time, please); The Ruger Security/Service/Speed Six (all three of them please); The Model 13/65; The Model 58; The 3.5″ Model 27; The Model 15; A blued Python; A Trooper; An aluminum Cobra, and . . .
    • Bring it back: Quality Control. The warranty return service is not a substitute for it. You know what Santa doesn’t have at the North Pole? A warranty department, because the elves won’t let the toys out of the workshop unless they’re done right;
    • Get a grip. We’re desperately seeking quality recreations of Hurst, Farrant, Jordan, Ahrends, Spegel, Skelton, and Jordan-style grips. People are paying more for these old grips than they are for the guns they put them on–certainly there’s a business opportunity, here, in this modern day age of CNC machining? Don’t forget a truly functional speedloader cut, please (not just a token one). While I’m at it, I’d love to see a comprehensive history of these various grip makers–what a neat book that would be, huh? The Grip version of Holstory.
    • Ammo. Make the .38 Great Again! Let’s get some production time dedicated to cranking out more .38 Special, in a variety of bullet styles and weights. While we’re at it, the .32s, .357s, .41s, .44s, and .45s could use a lot more love, too. The revolver ammo shelves are still bare, like Bob Cratchit’s pantry!
    • Parts. A wider, rounded, non-grooved trigger for the 2017 Colt Cobra and 2019 King Cobra please! Same for the 2020 Colt Python. Santa says, “Ho, Ho, Ho, narrow, square and grooved has got to go!”;
    • Loaders. Safariland Comps for the new Colts and Kimbers. An HKS for the Kimber. And a partridge in a pear tree.

some of your Lists

That’s enough of my blathering. Here’s what some of you guys have said, in your surreptitious manner (grin):

    • Mark O.“I think Santa needs to get the elves at Colt to make an 8″ Colt Python.”
    • Michael B. — Would like a M12 with a three-inch skinny barrel, replaceable front sight, bobbed hammer, smooth skinny trigger, rated for +P, with no lock. “A steel frame trainer and a .22 understudy would be welcome too!”
    • Kris — Would like a scaled-up LCR, capable of holding 6 rounds of .38 or 9mm, or 8 to 9 rounds of .22 WMR. He’d like replaceable front and rear sights, and/or an optic-ready frame, to make the list complete.

How about you?

I know you guys have your own lists, so let’s hear about them in the comments, eh? Here’s your chance to let Santa know what you really want for Christmas–because you can only use so many ties, right?

Author: Mike

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Mike Wood is a bonafide revolver nut, a certified law enforcement instructor in handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, less-lethal, and diversionary device disciplines, and the author of Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis, the definitive study of the infamous, 1970 California Highway Patrol shootout in Newhall, California. Mike wrote the "Tactical Analysis" column at Police1.com for 8 years, and enjoys teaching both armed citizens and law enforcement officers.

91 thoughts on “A 2023 RevolverGuy Christmas Wish List”

  1. No more plastic frame guns, please. Santa, especially, is tired of hauling that tawdry junk in his sleigh. And his elves would like to build quality firearms made of steel, wood and natural materials–once again.

  2. Kris’s list is really close to mine. I came up with this idea, and tried to post it on Ruger’s ‘Tell the CEO’ link recently, but that link has been disabled. So I’ll tell all of you instead. My failed note to the Ruger CEO started with some praise for the LCR, and wrapped up with some comments about why I think there would be a market for my idea, but I’ll skip all that and just cut to the technical description:

    I want Ruger to make the LSR (Lightweight Service Revolver). This would use the same technical approach as the LCR, but with these differences:
    –7-shot .357 (don’t scale it up to the GP100 size, then maybe try to cheat a seventh round in there later – just make the cylinder frame a tiny bit bigger to begin with and make it a true 7-shot right out of the gate)
    –3 inch barrel
    –Novak-style rear sight (either white outline or plain black – no dots!)
    –interchangeable blade front sight with a tritium dot
    –regulated for common 130 grain .38 special defensive ammo
    –the grip peg should be the same as the one on the LCR (so right out of the gate there would be aftermarket grips available)
    –comes with the Jordan-style grips they use on the 3 inch LCRx
    –this is all describing the LSR – double-action only

    I think a revolver like that would instantly become the best carry revolver ever made. You could also easily make a LSRx model (exposed hammer to add single-action capabilities) that has a 4 inch barrel and the same adjustable sights as some of the current LCRx models. I think many revolver aficionados would happily buy both an LSR and an LSRx. And when you inevitably add the 8-shot .327, 9-shot .22 Magnum, and 10-shot .22 LR versions, I think many of us would pick up a number of those, as well.

      1. A 30 Super Carry in clips for a revolver is an interesting idea – I don’t recall seeing one before. I don’t know enough about that caliber to know what advantage that would have over 327 Federal Mag.

        1. Not any, from a ballistic standpoint. The Fed Mag is slightly faster, with the same weight and diameter bullet. However, Federal seems to be making lots more of the autopistol ammo right now, to promote the new cartridge. It might be easier to find the Super Carry on the shelf.

          One thing—the Super Carry has a higher SAAMI Max Pressure: 50K vs 45K. A manufacturer would probably need to build a cylinder with that in mind, if the intent was to shoot both in the same gun.

    1. Tyson,

      It’s a shame Ruger shut down the “Tell the CEO” link. I made several suggestions there over the years and at least one idea came to pass – offering their large frame Bisley Blackhawk in 454 and 480 – but I’m certain I wasn’t the only one suggesting it. I am surprised they didn’t jump on recreating a Double-action Lightning/Thunderer sort of Single-Six and Vaquero for cowboy shooters but I was probably ahead of my skiis on that one…

      The mid-frame LSR you’re proposing has everything going for it (except maybe aesthetics, the LCR has always been a “pretty is as pretty does” sort of gat). I’d love to see it come to pass, maybe with a 10mm or 44 special added to later versions…


      1. I used to think the LCR was kind of ugly but in a cool way. Now that I have one and love it I think it’s very good looking. 🙂

    2. Yes! A duty gun based on a slightly upscaled LCR would sell like crazy. I’d even be happy with a 3” LCRx in .327, or a 6rd .357 LCRx.

  3. They say if you don ‘t at first get it, keep asking.
    To save my delicate typing finger I just copied and pasted last years wish.

    Snow is glistening
    Smith & Wesson are you listening?
    Please, a 3 inch K frame, enclosed ejector rod housing, fixed sights or low mount Novaks, NO LOCK in .327 magnum.
    Thanks Santa.

    Merry Christmas and God Bless all in this house!

  4. Mike,

    We are nothing if not persistent.

    You are gracious as always; thanks for giving in.

    Now, all a well-placed shooter needs to do is get some quality time with the deciders at the major manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, grips, holsters, and loading devices for some convivial conversations…


    1. Dear Gun Santa Please…

      Make Smith and Wesson….
      Bring back .327 federal, 632-1 pro/632-2 pro,
      Figure out how to put a red dot on a j frame,
      Bring back the steel bodyguards, model 38s can be a penance.

      Also please help Georgia Arms recover from there fire so I can try the wadcutters Mike reviewed.

      That is all.

  5. I would like a .22 Magnum version of the GP100. I have their 10 shot .22 LR and love it

    A 8 or 9 shot .22 Mag should be pretty easy Ruger

  6. Definitely like to see production of the famed
    grips such as Hurst, Farrant, Jordan, etc.

    And yes! Let’s get back to .38 ammo production,
    innovation, whatever.

    Oh, the wishing of getting rid of the S&W lock
    is always good for a laugh. Never should say never
    but it ain’t never gonna happen.

  7. Santa please! A 3” barreled K frame fixed sights shrouded ejector rod, with no lock. Chambered in 327 Federal Mag so we could enjoy the wide variety of 32’s in a great handling and comfortable revolver. Please feel free to put some good wood grips and a nice polish prior to the incredible bluing of old.

  8. Normally I’d respond to each of you, but you’re on such a roll that I don’t want to interrupt the creativity. I’ve gotta say though, I second all of your excellent suggestions! I’m glad you twisted my arm into doing this, Michael. ; ^ )

    I’ve always enjoyed Tony’s historical writings, but now I get to appreciate his poetry, as well. Bravo, Sir! Well done!

    Please resume, gentlemen. As you were!

  9. 1) I would love to see VZ and/or Hogue offer G10 grips for the K6S DASA in addition to their current offerings for the DAO model

    2) S&W and Colt – bring back the deep, gorgeous blueing that you used to do!

    3) I wish for a SP101 .38 with 6-round capacity. This should be possible without having to make the cylinder any larger than it already is, and would make the SP101 more appealing and competitive with the likes of the Kimbers and K-frames

    1. A friend is still disappointed that Lyman/Pachmayr discontinued their G10 grips for the LCR. He’d also like to see a Pachmayr Compac fit for the LCR.

      I’ve been bugging friends at Ruger for a 6-shot .38 SP101 for years!

    2. Unfortunately, I think you would have to make the SP101 cylinder larger to get a 6th .38/.357 in there. The smallest cylinder that does that is the Kimber K6S with a 1.39″ cylinder diameter. The SP101 is 1.349″. If it was possible to get 6 shots in that size, I think Kimber would have done it since they were trying for the smallest 6-shot cylinder (and only beat the modern Colts by 0.01″).

      If you want a 6-shot .38 or .357 SP101, the K6S is probably as close as you are going to get. If you want it made by Ruger, a Speed Six is the best bet, but then you just up to a 1.501″ cylinder.

      1. Thanks Greyson, I think you’re right about the existing SP frame and cylinder, but it wouldn’t take much to stretch it a little bit, the same way that they changed both the SP and J-frames to make them .357s. As you noted, a 6-shot would only need to be marginally taller.

        I’m still putting in my druthers for a new “Six,” instead!

      2. Correct Greyson, the cylinder may have to be enlarged slightly, but not in any meaningful way that would affect the overall size of the gun or its concealability. I own a K6S, and I’ve owned SP101s in the past, and from a practical ‘feel’ perspective, there really is no difference.

    1. Seriously. If that’s the only thing we got off this list I’d still consider this the happiest Christmas since I got my Hot Wheels race track at the age of 5.

  10. It would appear that this didn’t go through on my first try, but it might be a duplicate (sorry if that is the case).

    On the grip front, I would like whoever is making the Trausch style grips for the Beretta Manurhins to also reintroduce the Trausch SP101 grips. It would also be great if Santa could use his sleigh power to lower the shipping costs on S.L. Variant loaders (and all other products as well).

  11. How about a modern British Bulldog made by Ruger…say, Security Six size or so…in .44 Special or .45 ACP…low pressure, low to mid velocity rounds with large, heavy bullets. 2-3″ barrel, 5 or 6 shot, depending on what they could cram in there. Enough weight to dampen recoil a bit, but not so much that you list to starboard (or to port, for you lefties) when you lug it around. Good fixed sights. Grip frame compatible with already existing grip frames so alternate grips are easy to find and install.

    Give us some choices besides Charter, please.

    1. I still don’t understand why the .44 Spl GP100 disappeared—it seemed to be quite popular, and selling well. Maybe it wasn’t? Did we achieve market sauration?

    1. Speaking of . . . Did you happen to see the just-released Davidson’s S&W Model 20 Texas Ranger commemorative? Limited to 250 units, but they could sell a boatload of these without the special engraving and markings if they added it to the Classic series!

      1. I agree, but make it in .45 colt. While we’re on that subject, a 4″ model 25 would sell circles around the 6.5″. There’s a reason they bring close to 2 grand on gunbroker and it aint just the lack of lock…

  12. A Smith & Wesson model 25 blued with no lock, preferably in 5 inch, but I’d take 4 inch. A convertible with .45 acp and .45 Colt cylinders included would be cool. It’s hard to believe S&W is not currently making a .45 acp revolver.

  13. When the SP101 was introduced, it never made any
    sense to me that it was a 5-shot gun instead of 6.

    But, the Lord, gunmakers and the USPS move in
    mysterious ways.

  14. 3.5” N Frames, no lock.
    Bring back the Night Guard series, but with 3” barrels in K and 3.5” in N, and no lock.

    The early S&W grip adaptors that were three piece. A part under each grip panel and the sinus filler screwed to it. Should be easy with CNC and/or 3D printing. I can’t remember what they were called.

    Real sights on J Frames.

    1. I would like one also. I think Ruger could make a five shot .44 Special on an aluminum GP100 frame to compete with the Charter Arms Bulldog. The SAAMI max chamber pressure rating for .44 Special is less than standard pressure 38 Special, so it may work. It should not require extensive redesign or retooling so it would be profitable quickly.

      Same goes for a seven shot, aluminum GP100 in 38 Special +P. A two inch skinny barrel version with small grips for CCW. A three or four inch skinny barrel version with larger grips would be a sweet trail gun. For the trail, load it with seven rounds of Buffalo Bore or Underwood 38 Special+P, 158 grain cast LSWC. These rounds get you into light magnum territory. It probably wouldn’t weigh more than a steel framed SP101.

  15. Your lists are always spot on Mike!

    I’d like to see some polished and blued factory revolvers done the way they used to be done…when the surfaces gleamed and were blue instead of black.

    Colt, Ruger, and even S&W could up charge for a truly spectacular finish.

  16. Hey Mike, we have all discussed this before, but it sure would be nice if S&W had a Revolver Guy in a position of decision-making authority. Revolver making doesn’t seem to be a priority with “The Revolver Makers”. Having that happen would be my first and biggest wish.

    N frames: Mountain Guns, please. Put a 4″ skinny barrel on the Model 25 Classic and you have a blue, square butt Mountain Gun. I cannot grasp why big blue hasn’t done this.
    Another run of 624 .44 Specials, again with 4″ tubes.
    They make that cool 627 8 shot 4″ .327, but it’s steel and heavy. Please do a run with a scandium frame (like the TRR8, but 4″) and use Dave Lauck’s Sight Package as standard equipment.
    L frames: Mountain Guns please. 6 shot 10mm, 7 shot .357 Magnum. with 4″ skinny barrels.
    K frames: Harumph to all the 3″ Airweight requests. Also a 4″ tapered barrel .327 Magnum with 7 shot cylinder.
    J Frames: 6 shot .32 Mag Airweight Centennial. If they can do good sights on the 640 Pro, why not spread the love around a bit?
    Kimber, Taurus- keep up the good work. You guys are on the nice list for keeping snub revolvers a priority.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Agreed, Kevin! Extra cookies and milk for Taurus and Kimber is authorized.

      GREAT lists everyone! Keep em coming! We’ve got our own “Tell the CEO” working, here.

  17. I will take Michael B’s version of the model 12.
    Ruger should respond with aluminum framed SP101 and GP100 in 38 +P.

  18. I would like to see a 3” round butt K frame .357 magnum. While pretty blue and walnut (no lock too please) would be spectacular, having that gun “In spirit” would be ok. I believe Tyson Wright’s LSRx, 6 shot, DA/SA would fill the bill ( I thought Taurus gave this to us, but it looks like they’re having issues). That’s not my whole list, but if I could only have one thing…

  19. Hopefully it’s not too early for a Christmas 2024 wish, so how about Marlin (now owned by Ruger) producing .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum lever-action rifles in stainless steel?

  20. I have a simple wish: more time to go shooting. I will carry a GP100 out next weekend, deer-hunting with a Winchester 70 for the stand and an old Mossberg for ground-level work.

    Whichever return of the light you celebrate (both Solstice and Christmas on our farm) may all your holidays be bright.

  21. I’ll play:

    Bring back the 8-shot 3 1/2″ Model 27, with diamond magnas or Roper clones.
    How about aluminum Centennials, Bodyguards and Chief’s Specials in .32 H&R, or steel guns in .327 or .30 Carry or both? And a Colt Night Cobra in an aluminum frame rated for continuous +P use?

    And that’s without mentioning that airweight sixshooter.

  22. Great stuff guys, GREAT stuff!

    It’s interesting how we can start to see some trends emerging in the requests, isn’t it? That’s a good clue about gaps in the marketplace.

    Keep ‘em comin’!

  23. I love all these lists.

    As for me, I’m going to be the oddball. I enjoy big bores and medium bores, but…

    I’d like to see S&W bring back the Model 647 in .17HMR. What I really want is another run of the PC guns with the 12” barrel.

    I also have this persistent fantasy about a .17HMR Kit Gun. Basically something like the Model 51 or 651: J-frame, 4”, good sights, just .17 instead of .22 Magnum.

    And the new SuperRedhawk in .22 Hornet makes me smile. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone who’s going to leave one under my tree, so I may have to order one early next year.

    And I’ve been looking for an 8 3/8” .22 Jet at a reasonable price, too. Just sayin’, in case anyone knows a guy…

  24. Ok, one more, in case S&W is listening.
    Please redesign the cylinder release on J frames.
    The current, wedge shaped, version is a thumb knuckle buster.

  25. Great Christmas wish list by Mike and his faithful legion! I was looking for a no-lock, 3″ barrel, six shooter in .38 Special or .357 Magnum like so many RevolverGuys. While perusing the inventory at one of my local gun shops, the owner stated that I was about three decades late since a S&W Model 13 would fit the bill.
    Fortunately, another gun shop in my small Southern town (future home of Remington, BTW) had a no-lock, 3″ barrel, six shooter in .357 Magnum: a Colt King Cobra. Although the brass bead front sight is fine, Brownell’s supplied a tritium front sight at a reasonable price. The no snag rear grooved sight is simply dandy. As a long time S&W revolver fan, I waited 42 years to finally purchase a Colt. Santa granted my wish, hopefully others will be as fortunate.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Enjoy that new Colt, Opa! I think you’re really going to like it, and will be eager to hear if that new front sight lands the bullets where you want ‘em. Now for a good holster, to fill your stocking!

  26. My wish list:

    –A modern top break in .45 ACP or .44 Special (large frame) or .38 Special (medium frame). Something based on a GP100 action could be cool (or an SP101-based .32!).

    –A Wrangler-inspired low-cost version of the Bearcat.

    –A .375/.380 Magnum/Special revolver cartridge to provide the sort of in-between round that the .41 Magnum was supposed to be (at .410, it’s not all that different from the .427-.429 of the .44 Special/Magnum). It could fit into most medium-framed .357 revolver platforms without much fuss.

    –Return of the Ruger Old Army in an octagon-barrel format that duplicates the beautiful Dave Clements .50 conversions (see “Sixguns of Dave Clements” in American Handgunner).

    –Diamondback Sidekick variant that duplicates the Hi Standard Sentinel/Sentinel Deluxe (rather than the Double Nine that the Sidekick copies).

    –Return of the Roy Baker Pancake holster (still my favorite design).

    –To those, I’ll add upvotes on the six-shot SP101 and the return of Spiegel/Uncle Mike’s grips (I’d love a set for my Security Six). Lots of other great ideas here, too!


    1. Etienne, I might be able to fulfill one of those wishes for you. Have you seen Rob Leahy’s pancake holsters?

      Simply Rugged Sourdough

      A return of the Sentinel would be neat! The Diamondback guns are really rough though . . . maybe Henry could do it, instead!

  27. Thanks for keeping the list going in 2023!
    I second all of my no lock brothers. I just found a 3″ pre-lock model 65 that someone had done a sweet custom trigger job on and bought it right there!
    I have two items I’d like in my stocking, well 2 1/2 haha.
    – Ruger puts out the SP101 with a better trigger like in the LCR
    – A Webley clone in 357 Mag that doesn’t cost $10k and that you can actually find, and a Webley clone in .22 WMR, which really wouldn’t be that hard.

  28. How about a really small pocket revolver–smaller than a j frame–just big enough for 5 rounds of .32 H&R mag? Would much prefer that to any pocket .32 auto.

  29. In addition to all the excellent wants listed, I’d add:

    Ruger to bring back the Security Six size in .357 Magnum, utilizing the GP/SP cylinder lockup, AND, have the grip frame compatible with all S&W grip panels. And while they’re at it – ditch the full underlug on the GP100; the half lug ejector shroud is all that is needed.

    Colt to restore the Trooper to the lineup. Use the same lockwork as in the current Python, only with the traditional Mk III configuration.

    S&W to drop the lock (yeah, I’m echoing everyone), bring back the Airweight K-Frame Model 12 revolver with a 3″ tapered barrel with ejector rod shroud, and beef it up to handle a steady diet of .38 Special +P. Bring back the ‘mountain gun’ configuration for N frames, especially in .45ACP, and ditch the heavy underlug on the L-frames.

    Can’t speak for Charter Arms (are they still around) because I haven’t seen one in years.

    And may the market be, once again, flooded with rifle and pistol primers of all sizes, especially small pistol.

  30. All great options for those that want them. But Santa, my needs are simple. Please give all the revolver manufactures engineers who use speed loaders. Please. We really need to have revolvers that work out of the box with speed loaders. Right now every revolver I own had to include replacement grips along with the purchase price.

    It is a simple request, speed loader cuts that actually work with speedloaders.


  31. I am going to add a little variety and wish for a Freedom Arms M97 in 10mm Auto. I would order mine in the 5.5” barrel. It would go nicely with my 610 and my Match Champion 10mm!

  32. The Colt Diamondback…3 or 4″ barrel .38 +P rated, adjustable sights, 6 rounds would do admirably! Orrr…the SP 101 357/38 +P 6 rounds with adjustable sights, good trigger and a Trausch grip.
    I know I’ll be drummed out of the Revolver Guy fanboy club, and banished forever, but a Winchester blue and Walnut Featherweight in 257 Roberts! I just couldn’t help it..I’ll show myself out!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

  33. A pair of mountain guns,45 Colt and 44 Magnum. No locks, and easily replaceable front sights.

    I wish I had never let mine go.

  34. I would like a real S&W L Frame 9mm revolver, one with a .355 barrel (not .357), .355 cylinder (not .358), 6″ barrel (not 5″), steel cylinder (not titanium which requires special maintenance).

  35. I’d like to see S&W start making parts for the 6-shot 22LR K-frame again..I’d like to see somebody start making boot grips again for Taurus small frame, S&W J-Frame and Armscor revolvers. How about a speed loader for the 7-shot CA revolvers in .32H&R? I would also like to see someone re-introduce the H&R line of revolvers in various calibers..Merry Christmas to all!

  36. How about the companies sell revolvers at a discount without grips as everyone seems to pitch stock grips anyway. How is it possible that the only comfortable grip ever put out was the S&W Coke grips ? Easily changeable sights for those of us with bad eyes. Real factory custom shops ( since they won’t sell important parts anymore) for barrel length changes, trigger width and smoothness, spurred or not hammers etc. Oh ya, no more stupid LOCK!

  37. Well, Santa said no to most all the above.

    But we need to keep asking.

    I’d add: how about a Centennial- or Bodyguard-style 856? And non-Chinese boot grips for the 856, too.

    P.S.: No coal in my stocking. A square butt 12-2 wearing a Tyler adapter and a spare bobbed hammer is in my pocket as I write this. And it loves Underwood wadcutters.

    Happy New Year!

  38. Here’s my start for next year’s list (which I had on the 2022 list and didn’t get.) A twenty-two long rifle Kimber K6S w/3″ barrel, please!

  39. How about more big-caliber K/L guns, like in .41 Magnum or .44 Special. I (of course) have owned both and sold them off in the past. Elmer Keith knew a thing or two about the ineffectiveness of the .38 Special for lawmen and -women. Let’s bring back the .41 in the correct loading Mr. Keith would have approved of. MORE REVOLVERS = lower prices. Used revolver prices for the better brands (S&W, Ruger, Kimber) are astronomical, all priced like S&W Performance Center guns, always in the four-digit range.

    1. Those big N-frames are special, aren’t they? We’ve got the .41 Mag Model 57 in the catalog, but I’d love to see a Model 58 (without the lock) make a reappearance, and a .44 Spl Model 624 as well.

  40. Late to the comments however I’d love to see S&W make a 3.5″ Model 27 8-shot, no lock! I know that’s a huge order…but doable!

  41. I’ll be the weird one. Bring back the Rossi Pioneer series. I have long had a dream of a tiny .32/.38 in a Berns-Martin Lightening for deep concealment.

  42. This may be the answer to some wishes.

    You probably already knew this, but Lipsey’s is partnering with Smith to bring out the “Ultimate J Frame”–tuned Centennials in .32 Mag and .38 Spl with drift adjustable night sights, true Centennial boot grips from VZ, and an endurance package.
    Couldn’t find the MSRP.
    The grips alone, once VZ starts cranking them out, will sell by the boatload.

    Can the +P M12 be far behind? The stuff that dreams are made of….

    1. I’ve secretly been a small part of this project since the beginning, Lobo. I’ll have my hands on it tonight, actually! More to follow.

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