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Today I’m coming to you, the RevolverGuy audience, asking for feedback so PLEASE weigh in the comments below!

As RevolverGuy enters its third year I’ve pondered where to take it and how to progress it up to the “next level.” Since I love producing audio content, I’ve considered kicking off a revolver-focused podcast called “RevolverGuy Radio.” I’m still working out details, but I think I’d like to do the following:

  • Conduct interviews with leading self-defense trainers that use or place a strong emphasis on revolvers,
  • Conduct interviews with hunters, competitors, and other people that are out there running their wheelguns,
  • Audio reviews of various revolvers and support equipment on the market,
  • Deep dive historically significant gunfights that involved revolvers, and what lessons we can learn from them (with the help of my buddy Mike Wood, of course!)
  • Discuss other self-defense related topics like lights, sights, grips, concealed carry, etc.

Knowing podcasts like I do (I produced and co-hosted the first 80-something episodes of the Complete Privacy & Security Podcast, and currently produce and co-host Across The Peak) I know exactly how much work they are. For every minute of audio the listener consumes, I probably have five minutes of work behind the scenes. Which brings me to what I’m asking you:

If you’re interested in such a podcast please let me know in the comments below! If enough interest exists I can and will make this happen. Also feel free to let me know who you’d like to hear on the show, specific topics you’d like covered, etc.

Updated to add: I don’t really need to know if you are not interested. I’ll just assume that if you don’t respond. Thanks!

Thanks guys – I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Author: Justin

Justin Carroll is a former MARSOC Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving service after eight years in the U.S. Marines, Justin continues his involvement with a variety of government agencies to this day. Justin began in late 2016 with an simple idea: provide an source of high-quality information for revolver enthusiasts.

78 thoughts on “Request for Feedback: RevolverGuy Podcast”

  1. Yes, but don’t neglect this website! I do subscribe to ATP, daresay you keep your episodes there lively and interesting. I would lean more towards the historic (and obscure) gunfights than the hunting aspect but I’m sure it would all be good material.

    1. Thanks, Riley! The podcast would be an “in addition to” and not a “replacement for” the blog. I should have made that clear.

  2. I’d like to encourage you. I’ve enjoyed listening to you on the Privacy and Security Podcast and when you guested on Mike
    Seeklander. Since I share your atavistic affection for revolvers, I’d be interested in the content you’re considering.

  3. Sounds grea . . . Hey! Wait! Did I just get roped into another project?? I think we need to renegotiate my salary and benefits, first.

  4. All the listed ideas are good; just to be selfish, I’d dearly enjoy informative stories, even tutorial, on the handgun hunting topic. Wouldn’t mind at all learning about actual defensive incidents where revolvers come into play, with breakdowns of what worked, what didn’t, ideas and suggestions for those of us who carry wheelies.
    What about ‘guest shots’, say articles submitted by followers of the site? Of course, your salaries would need to be adjusted to cover the extra proof-reading, editing, and content control.
    Just speaking for me, IF you start a pod cast, I’d like to see written content also, because I don’t do the pod cast thing–not even sure I could figure out how. But that’s just selfish on my part. Ace

    1. Ace,
      I really appreciate the feedback! If this materializes I’ll make sure there’s a player right here in the browser so you can listen to it here.
      And regardless of what happens, the articles definitely aren’t going anywhere!

  5. I think a revolver focused podcast is much needed. I listen to quite a few firearms related podcasts and the vast majority of them are severely lacking in revolver related content.

    1. Jordan,
      I agree. Aside from the fact that I like making podcasts, I have definitely noticed that RevolverGuys are severely under served in the podcast market. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Justin,

    I really enjoy this blog and visit ATP from time to time.
    The topics you mention sound interesting.

    I appreciate the time you spent making them possible!

  7. I think this would definitely make a solid addition to your current content. Would allow some diversity of subject matter than isn’t always ideal for text format.

  8. I do not listen to podcasts too often, but I would subscribe. I too would like and am glad you would continue the blog as we know it. Maybe posting a transcript of the podcast on this website would allow those who do not like or cannot listen to podcasts enjoy the content.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Chris! Doing a transcript is very time consuming, but since a couple of people have mentioned being able to “read” the content, I will definitely consider it.
      Thanks again,

  9. There are lots of gun reviews out there, of varying quality. Of most use to me would be the interviews, reviews of hear related to wheelguns, and info on tactics and carry. History pieces would also be cool. I really liked the posts about vintage LEO holsters.

  10. I would listen in, would be great to have a revolver podcast. Im 32 and can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken buddies to the range that can’t run a revolver. Once they get the hang of it, they don’t wanna give it back :). What ever y’all decide to do keep up the good work.

  11. I especially enjoy the articles about older revolvers/gunleather/holsters and the history of gunfights. Mike’s articles (and book) are freaking amazing and have taught me valid points for my L.E. career. As for a podcast, I can’t promise I’ll listen to every episode, but I will always be ready to read the newest WRITTEN article every Monday 😉

  12. I think you would quickly crush all the other revolver podcasts out there! 🙂

    But seriously, I’ve been greatly enjoying your other diverse podcasts, Justin, and I’d immediately subscribe to this one as well.

  13. Justin,
    A pod cast would be great! I think your topic selections cover the gamut of how revolvers are used. I especially enjoy the historical pieces about LEO use in the “good old days”. There are still a few of us that carry revolvers on duty as LEO’s and it nice to have good current information on today’s revolvers, equipment and tactics presented on your blog. A podcast addressing revolver subjects would be icing on the cake! Thanks for doing what you do and keep up the good work!

    1. Morgan,
      I’m fascinated by you guys and would love to have a chat with some cops that are still carrying wheelguns! I know of a couple departments that still authorize them, but don’t personally know a cop that carries one..
      Thanks for the feedback, and for your service. Stay safe!

  14. I no longer listen to radio, haven’t for years. I LOVE podcasts and it accounts for 90%+ of my audio feeds… even downloaded/old CD’s takes a far second place.

    Make a wheelgun podcast and I will be your first subscriber.

  15. Do it! I’ll listen as well!

    Historical revolver stuff + gunfights+ adapting the modern shooter to wheelguns would all be great things to talk about.

    1. “Adapting the modern shooter to wheelguns” is a good idea. In fact, that might make a good article here, too…

      Thanks for the feedback, James!

  16. Justin, many of us out here are ‘young revolver guys’ just like you. The podcast would be great. Personally I only carry revolvers and have somewhat of an addiction. Thanks for what you do.

    1. Haha, I’m don’t feel as young as I did when I started this thing! Thank you for the feedback!

  17. I would enjoy a revolver centered podcast. I am a “less young” person and in the words of my son” only like old man guns”. I would suggest Grant Cunningham as your first guest. I think that there is ample subject matter; trainers, gunsmiths, revolver competition, equipment and accessories, history, CCW, and hunting. I would happily subscribe.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Kevin! I concur with your thoughts about Mr. Cunningham; if I can talk him into it, he might have to be on more than once!

  18. I would listen to a podcast on revolvers. I’m an old guy who still likes to carry a revolver if the threat seems low. Focus on carrying, old and new revolvers and historic gunfights. Not too much on hunting.

  19. I would definitely listen. Some content on handloading for revolver cartridges would be great in addition to what you’ve mentioned.

  20. I will definitely subscribe and listen. I think the fact you’ve found plenty of content for this blog proves there is enough relevant information out there to share. P&S did 3+ hours basically talking about j frames, so I definitely think there’s merit to a and friends program

    1. Agreed, Bob – I definitely think there’s plenty revolver info! Thanks for getting back to me!

  21. I would love to see you do a podcast. Interviews with some of the great revolver guys (Ed Lovette, Clint Smith, Michael deBethencourt, Ed Mireles, Jerry Miculek Grant Cunningham, etc.). I would love to hear some new content specific to us revolver lovers. I look forward to your first podcast!

    1. Kevin,
      I had a couple of those names on my list…a couple others I did not, but I’ll add them. Great input! Thanks for the feedback!

  22. I think its a great idea! Personally I prefer to read the articles but I think any method of spreading revolver love is great! I really enjoy and appreciate the content of As a revolver fan, I find the stories and details of revolver gunfights to be very educational. I’ll never give up my 4in K-frame or my snub nose J-frames.

  23. I would absolutely subscribe and listen to every such podcast. Revolvers and their shooters are greatly underserved in the podcast world.

    As possible suggested guests, I think Wayne Dobbs and Darryl Bolke would be awesome. I’ve heard both on other podcasts and they started to go into revolvers, and their personal experience carrying them as officers, but I personally think the interviewers were trying to steer them away because the interviewers were uncomfortable with the idea of promoting a firearm other than a polymer 9mm.

    I would love to hear about guns, calibers, cartridges, and techniques that have proven effective for law enforcement agencies over the years. I think it would be very interesting to hear from officers who carried and had experience with various revolvers from days gone by, and what their thoughts were on such guns, both good and bad.

    For example, Darryl Bolke often reminisces over on about his former agency’s S&W 25’s in 45 Colt, and how very effective they were. Wayne Dobbs has written several times there about the Dallas PD and their experience with S&W 357 magnums with 145 grain Winchester Silvertips. Keith Jones was interviewed once by Massad Ayoob on the ProArms podcast and discussed his agency’s experience with S&W 357 magnums and the old Federal 125 grain JHP.

    I would LOVE to hear an interview with Denny Reichard, master S&W revolver gunsmith (Sand Burr Gun Ranch) and police officer in Rochester, IN. He regularly carries on duty and competes with an S&W 629, carrying full house Federal 44 mag 180 grain ammo. I’d love to hear his advice on how to shoot a beast like that quickly, because I hear he often beats guys with 9mm semi autos in competition.

    Another possible interviewee could be Craig Douglas (of ECQC fame). I’ve seen posts by him that suggest he sees no effective difference between a wheelgun vs. semi-auto in extreme close quarters force-on-force training, and I know he has (or had) a lot of fondness for the S&W Model 12.

    I’d also love to hear an interview with Tiger McKee, of Shootrite in Alabama, about his thoughts on revolvers for defensive purposes. He has a revolver class there and has written some very interesting articles about carrying revolvers (he had one on dual carrying a pair of k-frames that was eye-opening).

    Those people, and countless others, used revolvers and teach/taught others how to do so effectively. I’d like to hear about their preferred techniques. For example, are they starting the trigger pull only after sights are lined up on target, or are they starting the pull before then? What is their preferred method for reloading: FBI method vs. universal method vs. weak hand method? How do they carry spare ammo? Do they also carry a second revolver? What are their most commonly experienced revolver malfunctions and how do they fix those? What are their thoughts on the importance of capacity?

    I’d also like to hear from single action revolver shooters, like experienced SASS competitors. What models do they like? What seem to hold up best over time? What advice would they have for how to quickly and accurately shoot a single action revolver? Do they ever reload under time pressure and, if so, how do they do it? Along those lines, I would love to about the incident on July 11, 2009, where a cowboy shooter stopped a convenience store robbery with a Colt SAA replica (I believe it was a Uberti).

    I could go on and on. I am very excited about your podcast, and will be a faithful listener.

    1. Joe,
      Holy cow – thanks for the comment! I really appreciate you taking such time to let me know your thoughts. Once again, I had a couple of the names you mention on my potential guest list, but didn’t have a whole bunch you mentioned. I’ll correct that ASAP. Thanks again for such a thoughtful reply!

  24. Revolver podcast — I’d listen.

    I do say I listen to a few podcasts regularly, a lot more occasionally. Don’t fill it with fluff or chatter.

  25. Already looking forward to the podcast!!
    Really enjoyed the Grant Cunningham class I attended as well as the k6 I bought, all based on your recomendations.
    I would see the podcast as a natural extension of your excellent blog!

    1. Jordan,
      That’s great to hear! I hope you’re also listening to Grant’s podcast; it’s not specifically about revolvers, but it does have a TON of good info.
      Thanks for your feedback,

  26. I’d be interested. I’m a revolver guy at heart. But, I’m interested in other gun types and sports.

    1. S.D.
      Thanks! I’m interested in other stuff, too (hell, who isn’t!) so I’ll see what I can do about having some “off topic” content.
      Thanks again,

  27. Some great topic suggestions above.

    Police use of the revolver vs. semi auto:
    1) Training at the academy – time to train on a revolver vs. semi2) What were the qualification standards (number of rounds to qualify), revolver vs. semi
    3) Mean number of rounds fired per engagement / shooting, revolver vs. semi
    4) Hit ratio, revolvers vs. semi, ie. 1 to 3 rounds for revolvers vs. the 3o to 60 rounds fired just to get 2 hits on a bad guy for a semi 😉
    5) How much more likely are LEOs tempted to ‘go to guns’ praying and spraying carrying a semi vs. carrying a revolver? Every bullet that either doesn’t enter the bad guy or is stopped in a back stop is a potential lawsuit ‘skipping down the block’
    6) Department costs for officers to carry revolvers vs. semi – for example, when revolvers were issued, most / a majority of officers carried the same revolver till they left the force and or retired unless it was damaged to the point of requiring replacement (one and done), where as it seems that most departments replace their entire force’s handguns every three to five years – either to a newer Generation of the same model, to a different model number, or from one manufacturer to another. The departments are loosing a lot of money and the taxpayers are getting bilked.

    Shooting competitions and the slow, painful death in the use of the revolver:
    1) The ‘hose fest’ that has become IDPA and most especially USPSA that favors the ‘fantastic plastik’ krowd
    2) The acceptance of 8 shot revolvers and 8 shot target arrays that have pretty much killed the use of six shot revolvers in USPSA and ICORE
    3) The ‘final nail’ in the coffin of the revolver (the six shot revos) with the merging of the speed loader and moonclip into the same scoring division, killing the times those shooting / reloading with speed loader guns.

    Regarding PPC (revolver), a discussion of the slow death of that sport due to:
    1) the inclusion of semi autos to also compete, which caused revolver numbers to slowly dwindle
    2) Even after the NRA began to ‘take over’ the running of the competition, the restriction of only allowing LEOs to compete, excluding non LEOs, saw interest in the sport wain to the point that most people do not know what PPC is or entails

    Attract interest from the industry to offer your readers and listeners bulk / group buys:
    1) Holsters and accessories (would love to see such an offer for a holster maker to offer a limited run on a Bill Jordan Border Patrol holster as I have been looking for one for my L-Frame GP100 and N-Frame Nighthawk)
    2) Training with top instructors focusing on running the hell out of a revolver in a defensive situation
    3) reloading supplies – specifically bulk supplies (bullets) – molds, etc.

    A Training Section with suggested shooting drills and training regiments to improve a shooter’s skill, speed, and reloading techniques.

    A Reloader’s Corner. Not so much to discuss load data – liability issues – but more a discussion on topics such as:
    1) bullet selection and discussions about the different types and construction – lead wadcutters, semi-wadcutters, double ended wadcutters; the various plated bullets offered; hollow point offerings, etc.
    2) lead bullet casting and the new fad of powder coating lead bullets and the advantages of powder coating versus using lube and the various techniques to powder coat lead bullets
    3) Where to find molds specifically for the bullet caster that will powder coat their bullets – ie., molds without the lube groves as they are not needed with the use of powder coating.
    4) A discussion of the various types of reloading presses available (don’t need to name a brand), single stage vs. progressive loaders and what are the features and advantages of each
    5) What are the recommended types of equipment and accessories should the beginning reloader consider when they are just starting out? What should they add as they become more experienced?

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