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Mike joined friend Arik Levy, the host of the excellent Firearms Nation Podcast, for another round of discussion about the wheel of history, and how what’s old is new again.

RevolverGuys will be most interested in Mike’s discussion about  some recent posts from the blog, to include the Guns In Brazil entry (start around time stamp 36:30), and the post on Comparing Revolver and Autopistol Reliability (start around time stamp 44:40–how appropriate!). If you’d like to hear more of his thoughts on those topics, check out the latest episode:

Firearms Nation Episode 182 : Mike Wood.

Author: Mike

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Mike Wood is a bonafide revolver nut, a handgun, shotgun, and patrol rifle-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, and the author of Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis, the definitive study of the infamous, 1970 California Highway Patrol shootout in Newhall, California. He also wrote the "Tactical Analysis" column at for 8 years.

2 thoughts on “RevolverGuy On the Firearms Nation Podcast”

  1. Nice to see you on the podcast. And thanks for the article on the custom gun smiths. I’ve already bookmarked them all.

    Related to that, it would be very informative if you surveyed them on the strengths/weaknesses of the major manufacturers, Smith, Ruger, Kimber, Colt for DA revolvers. And what they thought of each manufacturer as a whole, specific call-outs for outstanding models, who has the most oddball revolvers, durability, shootability, etc. Would love to hear your thoughts also. I think because they are new-ish on the market, Colt and Kimber don’t have as much coverage. Wonder if CZ’s purchase of Colt has any impact, if Kimber’s CNC driven manufacturing has any advantages.

    I would certainly think that DA revolvers are entering a more popular phase, with all the new entrants and some really oddball offerings. Would love to see your take on the Ruger Redhawk 45 Colt / 45 ACP.

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