Mike Wood on The American Warrior Show

Mike Wood on The American Warrior Show

If you’re a Revolver Guy, you should know that Mike Wood was recently the guest of Mike Seeklander on the American Warrior Show. Mike was invited on to talk about the Newhall Shooting and he did a fantastic job. If you haven’t heard it, check it out HERE. And if you don’t know what the American Warrior Show is, keep reading!

The American Warrior Show

The American Warrior Show is one of my absolute favorite podcasts (and credit where credit is due – I heard about it from Chris Baker on this Lucky Gunner Lounge post). It is hosted by Mike Seeklander and Rich Brown. Mike Seeklander is a former Marine, police officer, Federal Air Marshal, and current professional shooter. Rich Brown is a retired Marine, former LEO, and competitive shooter. These two consistently bring in some of the best and brightest in the shooting community, including a few of my favorites: former Delta operator Mike Pannone, self-defense attorny Andrew Branca (Part I and Part II), and gunfighter Gabe Suarez (Part I and Part II). AWS covers shooting, fitness, unarmed combatives, mindset, and much more. The show’s motto is “the fight’s coming – are you ready?” What more do I need to say?

RevolverGuy’s Mike Wood on AWS

I just listed a bunch of my favorite interviews on AWS, but none of them was quite as special to me as the most recent episode featuring RevolverGuy’s (and PoliceOne’s) Mike Wood. Aside from recounting the gunfight at Newhall, Mike talked about some of the important lessons learned. None of these stood out to me more than Mike’s thoughts on that elusive term “mindset.”

Mindset and situational awareness were pivotal factors during the desperate events at Newhall in 1970, and they are no less important today. Mike succinctly summarized how we, as enthusiasts, tend to place way to much emphasis on equipment when it is the skills and spirit of the fighter that wins the fight. I couldn’t agree more (and you can probably expect a post on this soon). But don’t take my word for it. Go listen to Mike talk about it. And maybe check out a few more episodes while you’re at it – you won’t regret it!

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Author: Justin

Justin Carroll is a former MARSOC Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving service after eight years in the U.S. Marines, Justin continues his involvement with a variety of government agencies to this day. Justin began RevolverGuy.com in late 2016 with an simple idea: provide an source of high-quality information for revolver enthusiasts.

4 thoughts on “Mike Wood on The American Warrior Show”

  1. I read the book he wrote, published in 2013. Excellent book. I read it again about once a year. I particularly liked the changes that police departments began to implement after the shooting. Sometimes a tragic event provokes needed changes.
    Colombine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook have also changed the mindset and tactics of police departments.
    I think that police departments today have adequate hardware for most situations. The main issues now are “software” (tactics and procedures).

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the book! I’m glad you enjoyed it and the podcast. I couldn’t agree with you more about “software!” You’re spot on!

  2. Good podcast. I was wondering how you could do justice to such a detailed book in only one hour but you pulled it off admirably. I also enjoyed the talk at the end about situational awareness. I take the subway to work every day in LA and I am constantly amazed watching all the people with earbuds in and staring at their phone. Hell, I’ve even seen LAPD officers engrossed in their phones. Someone has to buy these guys your book so the lessons from Newhall are not forgotten.

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