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Over the past two years I’ve ordered many thousands of rounds of ammunition. An awful lot of it has come from I didn’t find out about until Mike told me about them and I felt late to the party, so I want to spread the word to you guys.

Full Disclosure: Telling you guys about doesn’t benefit me, Mike, RevolverGuy, etc. financially in any way. I wasn’t paid to write this, don’t have an affiliate relationship with SGAmmo, we don’t get free or discounted ammo. They didn’t ask me to write it, and I didn’t tell them I was going to. This post is strictly about a service I use and would like to support.

SGAmmo is an family owned, family operated ammunition sales outfit out of Stilwater, OK. The biggest benefit of this service is their pricing: SGAmmo generally offers the cheapest bulk ammunition available anywhere. That doesn’t mean they are always the cheapest if you’re looking for something specific, but if you’re just looking for a case of range ammo? You’ll probably find the lowest price in town at SGAmmo.

SGAmmo usually offers an excellent selection. Like most people, I mostly buy ball ammo, and they certainly have plenty of that. Unlike most people, I buy my defensive ammo by the case. This is especially true for rifles where I want a load that my gun likes, and I want a lot of it on hand. This is another area where shines: they often have high-end defensive ammo in large quantities.

Finally, shipping is awesome with! Most of my orders ship the following business day and are sitting on my porch just a day or two later. After placing at least two dozen orders in the last two years, I’ve only had one issue with shipping. . . which was totally my fault (I mistyped the address). Customer service was happy to sort it out almost immediately, though.

The  Bottom Line has low prices, good selection, and shipping is inexpensive and fast. Last year I encouraged you guys to start thinking about building your ammo inventory. Election year is right around the corner, and I guarantee you prices aren’t going to get lower than they are now. SGAmmo is an awesome place to do some of your ammo purchasing. I don’t purchase all of my ammo there (I also purchase a lot from Lucky Gunner), but I do buy a lot.

Just One MOre Thing…

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Author: Justin

Justin Carroll is a former MARSOC Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving service after eight years in the U.S. Marines, Justin continues his involvement with a variety of government agencies to this day. Justin began in late 2016 with an simple idea: provide an source of high-quality information for revolver enthusiasts.

12 thoughts on “ Awesome Source of Cheap Ammo”

  1. Funny you should mention it:
    *just yesterday* the UPS man delivered two boxes from SGAmmo.

    My experience with SG over the years has been like yours: great prices, fast, reasonable shipping, exemplary CS.
    More often than not, when I go on AmmoSeek looking for a particular round, SG will have it for the lowest price.

    I’ve gotten into the habit of always stocking up on ammo when I can afford to; but like you, the thought of a possible Dem victory in the upcoming Presidential election has kicked my efforts into high gear.

    1. Fortunately I got into high gear about two years ago…I’m just going through it about as fast I get get it!

  2. I’ve done business with all the major mail-order outfits over the years, and sgammo was by far the best of them. Selection, pricing, and customer service was top notch, so when Justin was looking for some new fodder, that was my first recommendation.

    I like supporting businesses that are truly on board with us in the 2A fight, and will withhold my business from those who aren’t. As such, I won’t buy ammo from the big box stores, because they have a track record of being soft on 2A—they’ll make hay while the sun shines, but will dump us when the skies grow cloudy. We’ve seen it happen many times in the past.

    That’s why I encourage my friends to buy from their local gun shop, or from an outfit like sgammo. They’re in this with us, and deserve our financial support.

    Great people, doing great business at sgammo. Give them a try.

  3. Thank you. We have been looking for a good source for rimfire without shipping eating us alive. I reload all my centerfire calibers now.

    1. Same here. I buy a little premium defensive ammo every now and then because the Federal HST is proprietary and not sold as a component. Other than that I basically buy rinfire. I make my own “ball” ammo of cast lead alloy and load it to match the premium ammo ballistically. This way I loose a nickel or dime per shot instead of a dollar.

      1. True. I need to check their prices on Hornady Critical Defense, my wheel guns’ carry ammo.

  4. SGAmmo is what I use for buying ammo online. There’s some ammo I’ve found elsewhere that isn’t on their site, but they generally have a good selection.

  5. I bought a lot of rounds from them before I moved to a state which prohibits direct ordering of ammunition. They’re good people to deal with.

    1. If you are in MA targetsportsusa is open about shipping to MA (they told the MA AG to shove it 2 years ago) if you provide a copy of your carry license. It isn’t against the law in MA regardless of what threatening letters the deranged AG writes to try and intimidate out of state vendors.

  6. Justin,
    I agree, is a very good company to do business with, for all the reasons you , Mike and others list. I’ve been getting the majority of my ammo from them for about five years now, nothing to complain about. Good of you to give them a public “atta-boy”.

    Mike (Not Mike Wood, not that there’s anything wrong with Mike Wood.)

  7. I have been buying from SGAmmo for the last 6 or 7 years and rarely buy from anywhere else. SGAmmo is the best online ammo retailer with an amazing selection. Like Justin, I buy defensive ammo by the case.

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