Dark Star Gear Holster Comfort Modification

Dark Star Holster Comfort Modification

A while back I wrote about my troubles with the Dark Star Gear AIWB holster. I really liked the rig but it was incredibly uncomfortable to wear. I mentioned this to Nick of JOX Loader Pouches and he recommended a light, non-destructive mod I could make to the holster. So I gave it a go and I give you: the Revolver Guy Holster Comfort Modification!

Holster Comfort Mod

Just so you know what you’re getting into, this isn’t the prettiest mod. But it has made the holster tolerable to wear in the appendix position. Here’s what I did:

I began some very thin sponge neoprene. This stuff comes in 12″ x 18″ sheets (~ $1-2/ea.) at craft stores like Michael’s. If you’d rather, you can also order larger rolls of this stuff on Amazon in a variety of thicknesses. Mine was 1/16″ thick, and I don’t think I’d go over 1/8″ at most. I cut a square out of the foam that was larger than the holster…by a lot.

Next, I sprayed the inboard side of the holster with 3M Spray Adhesive. You can pick this stuff up at your local hardware store. I recommend getting the strongest version available. After applying the adhesive (and letting it sit for 30-60 seconds as directed) I applied the foam. I worked it thoroughly over the surface of the holster as I wanted it to fit as tightly against the Kydex as possible. Once it was “stuck” I slapped a few rubber bands around it and let it rest for an hour or so.

Dark Star Holster Comfort Modification

When I was confident the adhesive was set, I began trimming the foam right along the edges of the Kydex. I don’t want more on the holster than needed, because I don’t want to increase the thickness of the holster more than I have to. I covered the full inboard side of the holster (the side that sits against my skin). I also overlapped a bit around the bottom of the holster and glued it.

Dark Star Holster Comfort Modification 1

the Results

This holster comfort mod isn’t going to win any beauty contests. Also, you might have noticed an inappropriate amount of German Shepherd fur around the margins of the foam. For the first few days of wear, any exposed adhesive will still be sticky and pick up lint, hair, etc. But…

It works. This makes the DSG holster that I had so much issue with infinitely more comfortable. There is one spot that can still rub my right thigh the wrong way during a long day. it’s that long, straight edge right below the clip attachment.

Dark Star Gear Holster Comfort Modification

I actually like running this rig now. I’m not sure how deep into summer this will last as the neoprene is pretty sweaty (which might make it prone to developing a gamey bouquet) but we’ll see!

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Author: Justin

Justin Carroll is a former MARSOC Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving service after eight years in the U.S. Marines, Justin continues his involvement with a variety of government agencies to this day. Justin began RevolverGuy.com in late 2016 with an simple idea: provide an source of high-quality information for revolver enthusiasts.

8 thoughts on “Dark Star Gear Holster Comfort Modification”

  1. That is not too dissimilar from what Custom Carry Concepts offers with some of their holsters, except they use leather.

    If down the road the 3M adhesive doesn’t hold up, you may try using something like Shoe Goo. That stuff has held up really well in applications I have used it for.

  2. I have contemplated doing some similar mods on my holsters with old mouse pads. With the decline of roller-ball mice, mouse pads are less common, so thanks for the tip on the neoprene sheets from Michael’s.

    1. Greyson,
      I’m sure that would work. It might be a little thick and the neoprene sheets are super inexpensive. I’m sure there’s a lot of ways to skin this cat!

  3. Related???
    I am wrestling w/ my new BUGBite Ankle Holster sliding down. I confirmed correct sizing, etc. I reached out to them and since I didn’t buy from them they don’t care about me SO!!! I had an old piece of 1/16″ neoprene-ish type material, about 9″ long and 3″ wide. I tried to put it on before sliding the holster up by making a ring out of it at the top of my calf (and the top of the holster)… nope! Tried running the strip vertically on the calf and then sliding the holster up over it… strike two! Then I held the strip in place on the right side of my shin bone (holster on left leg for RH draw) and I’ll be a SunOfAGun… it holds in place much better now.
    I said all that to say this… it it ain’t comfortable/use-able, you won’t wear it. Check it, I’m correct on this aren’t I (how many of you have a buncha TacGear that you bought, tried and stored/sold/gave away… come on now, be honest!). Having said that, if I’m inconvenienced by a thing and I won’t use it I better get something better (Alessi Ankle H is 5x more expensive than the BUGBite at $39… I guess it better be for close to 2 bills for an ankle holster). OOOOR, I better customize it OTHERWISE IT’LL JUST SIT IN A DRAWER ‘CAUSE I WON’T USE IT. So what’ve you got to lose? Nuttin’ ’cause you’re either going to re-sell the thing on CL or eB or you’re going to chuck it in ‘that drawer’ with all your other unloved TacGear. Get creative, customize your ‘good potential to be effective’ gear and you might be surprised at the excellent results, not to mention feeling pretty good about solving a problem! Also, don’t forget to test it, test it again and test it again (needs to be combat effective and we’ll know this by testing it under duress!).
    Thanks for the guidance and the encouragement to ‘fix a fixable thang!’ insteada just casting it to the island of misfit gear…

    1. Absolutely related! I was super disappointed in this holster. If you can fix it, fix it!
      Thanks for writing in!

  4. I applaud your ingenuity. I have been considering doing something similar with leather or suede, as another commenter also suggested.

    I also note that the lower edges of that holster are somewhat angular. I don’t understand why some manufacturers produce holsters with sharp edges that will contact your lower abdomen. My favorite holsters, made by JM Custom Kydex, have softened and rounded lower edges.

  5. I assume you wrapped the stuff around the bottom and slightly up the front to cover an open muzzle end, right? I wish holster makers would understand that, with an IWB holster, an open bottom is an invitation to lint in the gun’s barrel.

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