Meeting Time at the HGC

The glow from the embers painted their faces an orange-yellow, and delivered a heat that warded off the slight chill in the air. The bright, dancing flames before them reduced their world to the group that ringed the fire pit, and their eyes struggled to see the details in the black, beyond. It was only by looking straight up, with chins thrust towards the sky, that they could see the heavens aglow with the fires of an endless number of distant stars and planets. Continue reading “Meeting Time at the HGC”

A 2022 RevolverGuy Christmas Story

His breathing was starting to sound as loud as the crunch, crunch, crunch of his boots on the dry snow, so Matt decided to take a breather and get a drink. The water from the canteen was cold enough to make his teeth ache, but it felt good on his throat, which wasn’t used to the dry air up there in the mountains, anymore. Continue reading “A 2022 RevolverGuy Christmas Story”

The Day America’s Love Affair with Criminals Ended . . .

. . . (at least in that era), Thanks to a Horrific Assault on Law and Order.

If you have studied the history of criminal justice in America, you may have noticed a pendulum effect where public approval of criminals and criminality appears to move from one extreme to the other.

Continue reading “The Day America’s Love Affair with Criminals Ended . . .”

The Day a Crime Spree Ended in Hardy, Arkansas . . .

. . . Thanks To Two Brave Men, With a Rock and a .44 Special

The Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce (DJCC) is an organization of young professionals who are engaged in networking and community involvement. They have supported the city through numerous events and activities, since 1918.

One of the Chamber’s activities is especially dear to law enforcement and the law-abiding citizens they serve, because it memorializes the February 7, 1951 line-of-duty death of Dallas Police Department Officer Willis Wood “Johnny” Sides, who was slain just 21 days after graduating from the police academy, as fifth in his class. Continue reading “The Day a Crime Spree Ended in Hardy, Arkansas . . .”

A 2018 RevolverGuy Christmas Story

The crunching sound seemed to echo for a second when his boots came to a stop at the edge of the dry wash. He took in a deep breath of the cold desert air, and it burned his dry nose a bit, reminding him to reach for his canteen and take a swig. Continue reading “A 2018 RevolverGuy Christmas Story”