Mike Wood on the American Warrior Show, Part II

Mike Wood on The American Warrior Show

In case you didn’t catch it, Mike Wood made another outstanding appearance on the American Warrior Show a couple of weeks ago!

I’ve talked about the American Warrior Show here before. If you are a student of self-defense and don’t listen to the show, you should. Every week Mike and Rich interview top trainers, gunfight survivors, and leaders in the firearms and self-defense communities. AWS covers a full spectrum of topics intended to keep you safe – from firearms to unarmed combatives to mindset. If you don’t listen to the podcast you owe it to yourself to check it out.

In his first appearance, Mike discussed the Newhall Shooting. That episode covered the details of the fight. Mike is truly a student of Newhall, and gave an account that few others could rival. This time, the focus was on the lessons learned from Newhall, and how they still apply today, both to law enforcement officers and armed citizens. If you’re looking for a place to begin listening to the American Warrior show, start here!

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One thought on “Mike Wood on the American Warrior Show, Part II”

  1. Thanks buddy, much appreciated!

    Our previous podcast focused on mental awareness and preparation lessons from Newhall, and this one was heavy on the tactics and training lessons. I hope the RG audience will like it!

    RG fans may want to hear Mike and I discuss whether or not Justin has gone over to the Dark Side . . . ; ^ )

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