J-Frame Carry: Galco Tuck N Go IWB

Galco Tuck N Go

I was recently at a the range with Chris Baker of the Lucky Gunner Lounge. He asked me how I carried my 640 Pro. Somewhat sheepishly I pulled a sweat-stained Galco Tuck N Go out of my bag. “It doesn’t look like much,” I began apologetically, and quickly trailed off. After thinking about for a second I said, “but, it actually works pretty well.”

His reply: “sometimes a holster is better than it has any right to be,” and I agree. This is a $35 piece of suede leather with a plastic belt clip that, quite honestly, seems kind of flimsy. In a world of $100 plastic holsters this budget-minded rig feels kind of, well, cheap. But after eight or nine months of carry I realized that although I’d been intending to replace this holster for months…I hadn’t actually gotten around to doing it.

Galco Tuck N Go: The Good

This holster works. Just slip it into your waistband, slide the clip down behind your belt and make sure its J-hook locks into place under the belt. That’s about it. One of the most important features of a holster is how well the mouth stays open once you’ve drawn the gun – this is critical to being able to safely re-holster. The Galco Tuck N Go has a steel steel insert around its mouth that does a great job of this, even under a tightened belt.

Galco Tuck N Go

This holster is also a “tuckable” model. The clip is attached at the bottom of the holster, allowing you tuck between the two. I didn’t think I would like this feature. However, there have been some occasions where I’ve had to tuck my shirt in, but haven’t worn a blazer or other other outerwear. The lowly little Tuck N Go has served pretty well in these instances. When wearing it tucked, all that is visible is the little black clip.

Galco Tuck N Go

Galco Tuck N Go: The Bad

The list of things I dislike about this holster is short. As I mentioned earlier, the clip seems flimsy. This is because it is attached at the bottom and is rather long. This isn’t an actual problem because it has held up well and hasn’t broken. And that’s about all I can find to complain about.

Galco Tuck N Go

Galco Tuck N Go: Bottom Line

I don’t think this holster would be appropriate for a gun much larger than a J-frame. If you’re looking for an inexpensive rig for a small gun you might give the Galco Tuck N Go a chance. You might be surprised.

Author: Justin

Justin Carroll is a former MARSOC Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving service after eight years in the U.S. Marines, Justin continues his involvement with a variety of government agencies to this day. Justin began RevolverGuy.com in late 2016 with an simple idea: provide an source of high-quality information for revolver enthusiasts.

5 thoughts on “J-Frame Carry: Galco Tuck N Go IWB”

    1. Short Answer: yes.

      Long Answer: According to Galco’s specs, this model should fit the following guns – CHARTER ARMS UNDERCOVER 2″ * COLT AGENT REVOLVER, COBRA, DETECTIVE SPECIAL 2″ * KIMBER K6S * RUGER LCR 2″, SP101 2 1/4″, SP101 2 1/4″ SPURLESS HAMMER * S&W J FR 36 2″, J FR 60 2 1/8 .357 .38, J FR 642, J FR 649 BODYGUARD 2″, J FR 340PD, J FR 640 CENT 2 1/8″ .357, J FR 640 CENT 2 1/8″ .38 * TAURUS 327 2″, 605 2″, 85 2″, 85 TITANIUM 2″, 85CH 2″, 94 2″

  1. Ive been using its brother…the “Stow n’ Go” for a while now for my SP101. Like you say, minimalist but adequate. The snub is the ONLY gun I will carry AWIB and with this holster, it fills the bill. Imrecently ordered up a Wild Bill’s Covert Carry and hoping this will give me a bit more substance over the swede and a bit more stability.

    Thanks for the nice site. Learned on a Dan Wesson 15-2 and never forgot my roots. Its nice to be among friends!

  2. I have a similar holster for my small 9mm hand guns: DeSantis Soft-Tuck and Dual-Carry II. While I realize the difference between holsters is revolver vs semi-auto, they are very similar in the way they are designed. The advantage of these DeSantis holsters over the tuck-n-go is they have adjustable tilt and adjustable height, and the Dual-Carry can be worn IWB or OWB. The models I have are for a S&W MP Shield 9/40 but they also fit my Kahr CW9 and I imagine would fit similar size compact 9mm’s. I love both of these holsters. I have bought and return a lot of holsters that just didn’t work for me.

    However, with a revolver the grip is positioned farther back and I don’t think would require tilt or additional height to get a better grip. The Tuck-N-Go is very similar to the 2 DeSatis holsters I have.

    What I am getting at is I think this would be a great holster for me if I had a snuby, and I plan on getting a CA Bulldog in the next few months so I know what holster I am getting for it already.

    Thanks for the article.

  3. How does it feel when you sit down? Seems decent to me, though I’ve been highly disappointed with a DeSantis affair that is similar. I just have found no inside the waistband holster comfortable or absolutely discrete. That bulge and clip are give aways. I figure if I notice, anybody who matters will notice, too. People normally keep stuff in their pockets shouldn’t arouse suspicion.

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