Smith & Wesson Model 640 Pro Series: Part I

My daily carry gun for the past year has been the Smith & Wesson 640 Pro Series. This J-Frame .357 Magnum offers many features not seen on other guns in its size-class. In Part I of this review I am going to discuss the gun itself, in detail. In the next part I am going to cover the piece’s range performance and actually carrying it – a task at which I have fairly considerable experience. Disclaimer: My apologies for the dirt, dust, and scratches on this piece. She has earned those marks honestly.

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Is The Revolver Viable for Self Defense?

With modern autoloading handguns, the viability of the revolver as a defensive weapon may fairly be called into question. Any thoughtful individual considering arming him or herself with a revolver should reflect on this question. After having spent the last year using revolvers exclusively, I have reached some conclusions, and one of them is: there are a lot of reasons you probably shouldn’t rely on revolvers for defensive purposes. Continue reading “Is The Revolver Viable for Self Defense?”

Welcome to

Welcome to!

I got the inspiration for this blog when I decided to trim down my firearms battery and get back to basics. This was partially for financial reasons, partially for practicality’s sake, and partly because…well, I’ve always had a soft spot for wheel guns. So, I got rid of my slab-sided 1911s, soulless Glocks, and other self-cockers, but held on to the rotators. I started getting them out on the range, carrying them, and taking them to IDPA matches. And I noticed two things:

The first thing I noticed: people were interested in them! When I could pull off a decently fast reload, people suddenly wanted to shoot their revolvers, too. The second thing I noticed: there aren’t a whole lot of good revolvers-only blogs on the internet. Seeing a niche in the market, I decided to make my own.

Welcome to

What I’m not: I’m not in my 60’s or 70’s. Actually, I’m not even in my 40’s yet. I’m not an expert or world champion shooter. I’m not a guy that owns three dozen revolvers, and this isn’t a industry micro-blog. I’m just a dude with a limited budget like everyone else, so this won’t – unfortunately – be the gun-of-the-month club.

From right to left: Ruger LCR, Kimber K6S, S&W 640 Pro, Ruger SP101, S&W 327, S&W 66, S&W 686, S&W 28. And no, they're not all mine.
From right to left: Ruger LCR, Kimber K6S, S&W 640 Pro, Ruger SP101, S&W 386, S&W 66, S&W 686, S&W 28. And no, they’re not all mine.

Who am I? At the end of the day, I’m just a guy that loves revolvers. But I’m a decent revolver shooter and the word “enthusiast” probably fits me pretty well. And ultimately, that’s what is – a place to share my enthusiasm for revolvers and maybe a few other topics that I really enjoy. So sit back, stay tuned, and enjoy!

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