VZ Grips L-Frame Tactical Diamonds

L-Frame Tactical Diamonds

Since reading Protect Yourself with your Snubnose Revolver by Grant Cunningham, I’ve been convinced I need to try revolver stocks sans finger grooves. Unfortunately, finding stocks for a square butt revolver isn’t the easiest task. After my dismal experience with the Pachmayr Presentation, I decided to just go with something I had a bit more confidence in: the VZ Grips L-Frame Tactical Diamonds.

VZ Grips L-Frame Tactical Diamonds

I’ve been running Tactical Diamonds on my 640 Pro for almost as long as I’ve had the gun. I have been nothing but impressed with them. Because of this I had little doubt I would like the L-Frame version. Like the stocks on my J-Frame, the L-Frame Tactical Diamonds are sharply checkered G-10. The stocks are well-manufactured with a very tight fit to the grip frame.

VZ Grips L-Frame Tactical Diamonds

Installing the grips is a snap. First, remove your old grips. Next, press-fit the VZs into place. This can be ever so slightly tricky because of the extremely tight grip-to-frame fit, but is a huge benefit in actual use. Finally, tighten up the screw and you’re good to go.

If you have very large hands you might not like these grips, but I love them. With the open backstrap and fairly narrow “neck” I would consider these grips on the small side. This works out well for me with my somewhat small hands. I am able to get a very strong grip on the revolver, and the area behind the trigger guard is filled in nicely.

L-Frame Tactical Diamonds

The left panel of the L-Frame Tactical Diamonds is well relieved. Since installing this grip I’ve used loaders from 5-Star Firearms, Jetloader, Safariland COMP II, S.L. Variant, and have not had an issue with the stocks interfering (I have had an issue with the Speed Beez loader, however).

There are two aesthetic features of the L-Frame Tactical Diamonds that I really like. The first is the raked bottom edge. This angled look makes the gun appear just a little more interesting to my eye. Aside from good looks, I think there is a functional purpose to this cut. It allows the front of the grip to accomodate even large hands, while keeping the butt as short as possible for concealment.

L-Frame Tactical Diamonds

The second aesthetic feature I like is the cut of the right-side panel. Unlike the Hogue monogrip I’ve been running for years, this panel doesn’t cover half of the sideplate. It essentially mirrors the cut of the left panel.


Though these stocks were pretty much good-to-go out of the box, I did make one very minor modification. The checkering is extremely sharp. Generally I like this because it provides a rock-solid purchase and is still comfortable against the skin. However, on the L-Frame Tactical Diamonds, my middle finger was getting chewed up. With two-hand grip the first pad of my middle finger was getting pressed mercilessly into the checkering.

VZ Grips L-Frame Tactical Diamonds

This was a quick and simple fix. I just found some sandpaper and lightly sanded the offending area. If you find the entire grip too sharp you could do this to all of the checkered areas. Be warned: it doesn’t take much sanding to soften the sharp points.

The Bottom Line

After my first extended range session with the VZs installed, I immediately wished I had gotten a set of these grips a long time ago. The L-Frame Tactical Diamonds are good-looking, rugged, and offer an extremely good grip. Based on how well my J-Frame Tactical Diamonds are holding up, these will doubtlessly serve me for a long time to come. I might’ve failed to mentioned it elswhere, but they also fit K-Frames and are available for both square and round-butt models. If you don’t like the diamonds, they come in a number of colors.

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Author: Justin

Justin Carroll is a former MARSOC Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving service after eight years in the U.S. Marines, Justin continues his involvement with a variety of government agencies to this day. Justin began RevolverGuy.com in late 2016 with an simple idea: provide an source of high-quality information for revolver enthusiasts.

12 thoughts on “VZ Grips L-Frame Tactical Diamonds”

  1. I really like the look of those grips. The overall shape is both classic and classy. One of the few things I lament about going with an SP101 is that grips of this style really are not available for that gun.

    Congratulations on finding a set of grips that you like and work well for.

    — Greyson

    1. That’s interesting – the SP101 is popular enough that it seems like they would make a set. If you’d like I’ll reach out to my contact there and see if they would consider it.


      1. Justin,

        It’s always worth asking, but I’m not going to hold my breath. The issue that Paul mentioned will probably crop up. The SP101 is thought of as a CCW gun, so they will probably want to make/see the most demand for a round-butt-style grip with finger grooves. I view the 3″ and 4″ versions as general purpose guns for smaller hands and would want the option of a grip that is essentially the same as yours.

        I have a couple of blocks of wood with such a grip drawn out. I just need to make the time to make them. That is probably going to be the best way to get exactly what I want.

        — Greyson

  2. I have a pair on my 66-1 and I too like them very much. They are definitely on the slender side, and a good fit for smaller hands. Last time I checked, VZ’s K/L frame grips for round-butt guns only came with finger grooves. I hope they will make some round-butt grips without the grooves.

    1. Paul,

      I think you’re right. VZ isn’t alone in having different product lines for round- and square-butt guns. Check out Hogue’s website. They have “Extreme G-10” grips (which I actually really like) but only for RBs. To add insult to injury, that grip is what they call a “round-butt to square-butt conversion”! If they can make a grip that makes a round-butt feel like a square butt, why can’t they make the same grip for a true SB??? Sorry for the rant…


  3. I have the round butt to square butt conversions on a couple of round but J frames (S&W). I like the added hand support offered by square butt grips.

    As for the issue of finger grooves or lack thereof,,,, color me skeptical. Yes I know who wrote such,,,, and I should not think to even question such a big name & all. But when such a “general/blanket statement” to cover one & all,,, I end up with raised eyebrow.

    I have done some, actually a TON, of damn fine shooting with one of my GP100s that has the Hogue grips with the “unholy” finger grooves.

    I’m not gonna throw in the towel just yet. YMMV

    Maybe it’s just my large hands?? Has anybody done an accurate & honest shooting comparison?

  4. Personally, I think the greatest disadvantage of finger grips has nothing to do with weakening your grasp, as Grant argues. Instead, I think the biggest issue is that if you get a poor grasp on the gun in the rush to access and draw it, the grooves can be a hindrance. A smooth grip will allow your hand to slide into the proper position on the grip more easily, perhaps even as the gun is being presented. In the worst case, if you have to fire with a poor grasp, the smooth grips will give you the best chance to control the gun.

    I agree with Ron that you can do some excellent shooting with finger groove grips, and sometimes you can shoot better with them, than without. On a sporting gun, there seems to be no reason to avoid a proper-fitting set of finger groove grips. However, on a defensive gun, I’m less fond of them.

    Also, FWIW, I’ve always felt the “Presentation Style” grips looked great, but were designed improperly. The flared bottom and narrow top works great for a single action revolver, but it’s the opposite of what you need for good DA shooting. Just thought I’d throw that grenade out there! ; ^ )

  5. I really wanted to like these grips on my 681. I have VZ grips on 1911s and Beretta 92s and won’t use anything else – in addition to their excellent quality and amazing traction they provide, they look pretty good as well. I shot 400 rounds, half magnum and half specials, with these but I find them too thin for a full size L frame. Hopefully VZ can make these a little thicker in the future, I’ll be all over them. I may try a set on a 3″ K frame where I feel they will be a bit more useful.

  6. I bought a pair for my 586 classic. Sharp checkering and too small for my hands. I’m 6’4″ and they’re just a wee bit too small. I called VZ and asked if he was going to make a fully enclosed back strap iteration for we big dudes. I was told “no”. I guess I’ll be selling them.

  7. Are these grips comfortable (relatively) with the recoil of full-power .357 magnum loads?

      1. Thanks for the quick and helpful response. I have long-ish fingers on otherwise average hands. I can use Pachmayr presentation grips, but I would prefer something that allows me to get my trigger finger a little further onto the face of the trigger.

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