Henry Carbine Part II: Defensive Use

As you guys know, I recently had the opportunity to spend a couple of months working with the Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine. This gun is heavily advertised as a hunting rifle, but I couldn’t overlook the self/home/farm-defense potential of this handy little carbine. Today I want to share just a few thoughts about using the Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine as a self-defense tool. I’m going to meander over some general lever-gun stuff, as well as some specifics of the Henry. If you’re interested in my full review of the carbine itself, you can check it out here. Continue reading “Henry Carbine Part II: Defensive Use”

On Bashing “EnterTRAINment” and the Tacticool

This is just a quick dispatch on something I’ve been considering lately. I will be succinct and to the point. I will make some of you angry, and others uncomfortable. That’s not my goal, but it’s probably a realistic outcome. Let’s talk about “entertrainment.” Rather, let’s talk about how we’ve come to view it. Continue reading “On Bashing “EnterTRAINment” and the Tacticool”

Zeta-6 J-Strip and J-Clip Reloading Devices

Sometimes you know what you’re gonna say before you even begin an article. Other times you think you know what you’re going to say and get surprised. The latter is the case with this article – I had some preconceptions going in, but a little experience turned me completely around. Today we are going to look at two new reloading devices: the J-Strip and the J-Clip from a new company, Zeta-6. Continue reading “Zeta-6 J-Strip and J-Clip Reloading Devices”