Recent Developments at D&L Sports

Not too long ago, Mike covered Dave Lauck’s excellent replacement fixed sights for revolvers. Normally, we wouldn’t circle back so quickly to the same business with our coverage, but Dave has been so busy churning out new products for revolvers that we had to put another update together for you. Continue reading “Recent Developments at D&L Sports”

A 2022 RevolverGuy Christmas Wish List

It’s that time of year again, when thoughts turn towards St. Nicholas and his sleigh full of presents for good boys and girls of all ages. We didn’t keep close track of who was naughty and who was nice this year, so you’re all on the honor system again, OK? I know you’ve all been pretty good . . .

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We’re Back!

Hey there, RevolverGuys and Gals! We had a little technical problem with the site for a few weeks, and missed a biweekly posting, but we’re back up and running, now. It was frustrating to be out of touch with our wonderful readers, so we’re glad to be back!

We’ll get back to our normal schedule tomorrow, and you’ll see the missed material make an appearance later on, so don’t worry—you haven’t missed a thing.

Thanks for your patience, and please be sure to thank Justin for all his hard work getting us back online. We’ll see you tomorrow morning!

Colt 1917 .45 ACP Revolver – Fitz’ed!

Back in March of 2018, I wrote about my custom Fitz’ed Colt Official Police .38 Special here in these pages.  Fellow RevolverGuys can tell from my story that I have more than just a passing interest in revolvers that have received the Fitz treatment. Continue reading “Colt 1917 .45 ACP Revolver – Fitz’ed!”

Comparing Revolver and Autopistol Reliability

My attention was recently directed to an article that was ostensibly a review of a one-day revolver class at ITTS (which I had taken myself, back in 2019), but drifted into a conversation about revolver reliability. The author, who  appears to be new to handguns and shooting, was rather shocked to see 5 of the 14 revolvers in the class (including their own) “had malfunctioned so irreparably that they were unusable” before they managed to get through even 200 rounds. Continue reading “Comparing Revolver and Autopistol Reliability”

Dud Lessons

I encountered this dud round in the middle of a shooting competition at the range recently.  Even though it’s from one of those bottom feeders—Eek!—it provides a good opportunity to make a few observations that are universal in nature, and not related to any particular weapon type.

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K6s Firing Pin Update

We previously reported about firing pin failures in the excellent Kimber K6s revolver. This situation was troubling, because it represented a safety risk for the defensive user, and also risked hurting the reputation of this strong design.

We’ve continued to remain engaged with Kimber on this issue, and we’re exceptionally happy to report that the problem has been resolved. Continue reading “K6s Firing Pin Update”