Gear Links

This page is intended to be a single stop for links to gear I have reviewed. In some cases the links are to the manufacturers’ websites. In some cases these links are to and are affiliate links.


Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis [My Review]
Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver [My Review]
Gun Digest Book of Revolvers Assembly/Disassembly


VZ Grips Tactical Diamonds (J-Frame) [My Review]
VZ Grips Tactical Dimaonds (VZ Grips Store)
VZ Grips Tactical Diamonds (


Dark Star Gear J-Frame AIWB [My Review[My Follow-Up]
Dark Star Gear Website

My Galco Tuck-N-Go [My Review]
Galco Tuck-N-Go

My DeSantis Speed Scabbard [My Review]
DeSantis Speed Scabbard (DeSantis Website – 20% off with code GAF20)
DeSantis Speed Scabbard (


5-Star Firearms Speedloader [My Review]
5-Star Firearms Store
5-Star Firearms Speedloaders on

JetLoader Speedloaders [My Review]
JetLoader JLF (.38/.357 Ruger SP101, S&W J-Frames)
JetLoader JLK (.38/.357 S&W K-Frames, Taurus analogs)
JetLoader JLL (.38/.357 Ruger GP100, S&W L-Frames)

S.L. Variant [My Review]
S.L. Variant (All models)

Safariland Comp I
COMP I J-C7 (.38/.357 Charter Arms, S&W J-Frames)
COMP I J-S5 (.44 Colt Anaconda, Ruger Redhawk, S&W N-Frames)

Safariland COMP II [My Review]
Safariland COMP II J-K2C (.38/.357 S&W K-Frame, Dan Wesson, Taurus 66, 669, 689)
Safariland COMP II J-GL8C (.38/.357 Ruger GP-100, S&W 6-shot L-Frame)
Safariland COMP II J-PC3 (Colt Match, Officer’s, Official Police, Old-Model Trooper, Python)
Safariland COMP II J-R4C (Ruger Security Six, Service Six, Speed Six)

Safariland COMP III
COMP III J-K2S (.38/.357 Dan Wesson, S&W K-Frames, Taurus analogs)
COMP III J-GL8S (.38/.357 Ruger GP100, S&W 6-shot L-Frames)

Speedloader Pouches

DeSantis Second Six Speedloader Pouch [My Review]
DeSantis Second Six (DeSantis Website – 20% off with code GAF20)
DeSantis Second Six (

JOX Loader Pouches [My Review]
JOX Loader Pouches

Ready Tactical Speedloader Holder [My Review]
Ready Tactical Speedloader Holders

Safariland Split Six [My Review]
Safariland Split Six