The Days That Communities Fought Back Against Evil

There’s no shortage of stories about crime and criminals on the nightly news, these days. It seems we’re currently trapped in a cycle of violent criminal activity, with the bad guys holding communities all over our nation, hostage.

We’ve seen this problem before in America, especially during that span of time from the “Old West” through the Great Depression, which was filled with criminal activity. Continue reading “The Days That Communities Fought Back Against Evil”

Zeta6 K-PAK-2 and SafeSnap

Longtime RevolverGuy readers will be familiar with the Zeta6 brand, based on our prior reviews of their revolver loaders (which can be found here, here, and here), but if you’re not familiar with the brand, you’ll definitely want to give their innovative designs a look, starting with these new products. Continue reading “Zeta6 K-PAK-2 and SafeSnap”