The Day Edward O’Kelly Picked a Fight with the Wrong Police Officer

Or . . . The Day the Man, Who Killed the Man Who Killed Jesse James, Picked a Fight with the Wrong Oklahoma Police Officer

Jesse Woodson James was born on the 5th of September, 1847 and was a happy arrival for his parents and older brother, Alexander Franklin (“Frank”) James.  None of the family ever dreamed that Jesse would become one of the most notorious American outlaws ever. Continue reading “The Day Edward O’Kelly Picked a Fight with the Wrong Police Officer”

The Ruger Super Wrangler

If you’ve been around RevolverGuy since the early days, you may recall this particular RevolverGuy got his start with a Ruger Single-Six. That wonderful little sixgun was the tool I used to learn the fundamentals of shooting handguns, and it will always occupy a special place in my heart, and in my collection of revolvers.

That collection recently expanded by one with the addition of the Single-Six’s new little brother, the Ruger Super Wrangler. Continue reading “The Ruger Super Wrangler”

Some Thoughts on the .41 Remington Magnum

The .41 Remington Magnum has been with us for nearly 60 years now. When it was introduced, several people in the industry felt they deserved credit for the idea of the new cartridge. It’s generally accepted that Elmer Keith was the driving force in making the concept a reality. Continue reading “Some Thoughts on the .41 Remington Magnum”

The Day the Barkers Brought Death to the Ozarks

Mike recently asked me about the volume of notorious crimes in Arkansas. Our state’s history is rich with stories about politicians, desperados, gunslingers of all sorts, feuds, mass murders, war reconstruction, Wild West and Depression Era outlaws, and modern monsters. Continue reading “The Day the Barkers Brought Death to the Ozarks”

Recent Developments at D&L Sports

Not too long ago, Mike covered Dave Lauck’s excellent replacement fixed sights for revolvers. Normally, we wouldn’t circle back so quickly to the same business with our coverage, but Dave has been so busy churning out new products for revolvers that we had to put another update together for you. Continue reading “Recent Developments at D&L Sports”

Lessons From The Murder of Officer Scott Gadell

Having previously discussed the murder of New Jersey State Trooper Philip Lamonaco, and its influence on that agency’s decision to make the switch from revolvers to autopistols, we now turn our attention to the similar murder of New York City Police Department Officer Scott Gadell. Continue reading “Lessons From The Murder of Officer Scott Gadell”

Lessons From the Murder of Trooper Philip Lamonaco

There was a revolution in police handguns happening in the 1980s, as American police officers increasingly said goodbye to their double action revolvers and replaced them with semiautomatic pistols. Continue reading “Lessons From the Murder of Trooper Philip Lamonaco”