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Hey there, RevolverGuys and Gals! We had a little technical problem with the site for a few weeks, and missed a biweekly posting, but we’re back up and running, now. It was frustrating to be out of touch with our wonderful readers, so we’re glad to be back!

We’ll get back to our normal schedule tomorrow, and you’ll see the missed material make an appearance later on, so don’t worry—you haven’t missed a thing.

Thanks for your patience, and please be sure to thank Justin for all his hard work getting us back online. We’ll see you tomorrow morning!

The Day America’s Love Affair with Criminals Ended . . .

. . . (at least in that era), Thanks to a Horrific Assault on Law and Order.

If you have studied the history of criminal justice in America, you may have noticed a pendulum effect where public approval of criminals and criminality appears to move from one extreme to the other.

Continue reading “The Day America’s Love Affair with Criminals Ended . . .”

The RevUp Action Hammer

When we ran our 2022 SHOT Show Roundup article, one of the companies we highlighted was RevUp Action, which was promoting a replacement hammer design for Smith & Wesson revolvers, with frame-mounted firing pins, that would dramatically change the double action trigger pull. The idea was very intriguing, so we arranged for RevolverGuy to get a pre-production sample of the RevUp Action hammer for test and evaluation, and we’re now ready to report on our findings. Continue reading “The RevUp Action Hammer”

Guns of the 2022 Shootists’ Holiday

Back in 1986, acclaimed gunwriter John Taffin joined forces with a few personal and industry friends to form a group that would bring together like-minded shooters from across the nation. The Shootists, as it came to be known, was dedicated to what John calls the “Four F’s”:  Faith, Family, Friends and Firearms. Continue reading “Guns of the 2022 Shootists’ Holiday”

Smith & Wesson Takes a Stand For Freedom

“It has been said that history repeats itself. This is perhaps not quite correct; it merely rhymes.”

-Theodor Reik

RevolverGuy readers with a little white in their hair could be forgiven if recent events in the realm of Second Amendment politics evoked strong memories of an earlier era, because history does indeed “rhyme.” Continue reading “Smith & Wesson Takes a Stand For Freedom”